What are you thinking?

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Hi, I’m Beverly Gray a joyful member of the family of God.  God moved me and my family back to Monroe county back in May of this year.  We joined with the members at the Amory Church of God.  Our goal is to win Amory (those who aren’t already won) for Jesus!  I am really loving what God has been doing (at least my spiritual side does) and I know that there is soooooo much more!  It has been a while since He woke me up at 2am this morning.  There have been times a baby has woke me up and I feed that youngun’ and went right back to sleep, after the burp of course.  But when God wakes you up you can’t just go right back to sleep.  His presence was so powerful and humbling.  I love that He loves me and thinks of me.  Any ways, God has been doing a new thing at Amory Church of God on Hatley Road, something I’ve not experienced before.  We are finding out that it’s not always in the shout or dance,  though that is so wonderful!  God is teaching us to love one another and others outside of the church.  I really like the acrostic JOY …….if you really want to be joyful you must put Jesus first, the Others, then Yourself.  As human beings we seem to have a bit of a problem with that sometimes.  But, the harvest of harvests is about to take place ya’ll!  WE’ve got to be in place and ready to give anyone an answer who asks us why we have our hope in Jesus Christ.  We gotta love them in, that’s how Jesus got me….that’s how He got us all, that are true believers!  That phrase in your news feed on your Facebook page is a good hint for us Christians, “What’s on your mind?” (What are we thinking about) How are you going to respond the next time you read that?  Will it be the latest joke?  Maybe a recipe?  Maybe a gripe of how you were treated?  How about when that Walmart associate (or anyone else for that matter) says, “how are you?”  What are you going to say?  Will you say, “It’s too hot and I have to wear this mask!”  or will you even give an answer?  Hey I’ve been guilty and I’ve had to repent because I gave the wrong response to a fast food employee who took 30 minutes to bring me 3 drinks…Let’s try responding “I am blessed, how are you?”  My prayer today is Lord make me a ready fit subject for use… the harvest is closing in… I want to win but I also want to effect others so they can also come in.  It’s a new day and He is doing a new thing.  We need to be effect others so they can also come in.  It’s a new day and He is doing a new thing.  We need to be effective in our witness of Jesus Christ…..the Lord of the Harvest.