Mary’s thoughts

Amorychurchofgod   -  

I wonder what Mary was thinking. I wonder, as she watched her son who was miraculously concieved die, was she thinking of the night that the angel visited her and told her that she was carrying the promised Messiah? Did in her mind, she reminisce of when she traveled to see Elizabeth and the moment that she greeted her John the Baptist leaped in Elizabeths womb? Did she think about the night that he was born in a stable, and she swaddled him and laid him in a manager and Wise Men came and brought gifts to them? Did she think about when they traveled to the city and he stayed behind, and was found teaching to the leaders? What was going through her mind as she saw him hanging on the cross? Did she think that it was unfair that God would let her be the one to carry him, and then have to watch him be beaten, spat on, nailed to a cross, and hung? Or, did she think, God thank you for choosing me, to carry this man who hasn’t spoken a negative word throughout this whole situation, who has looked at the man hanging next to him and those who have beaten him with love and compassion, the man who has chosen the cross that He has bore for a world that doesn’t yet exsist and say, they need a savior?
As a mama, when my children suffer, it’s as if I suffer as well. I can’t stand to see them hurt. I am angry at those who hurt them, and I even ask God, “why” sometimes, but I’m grateful for a Savior who has redeemed, and is able to heal. Not only physical wounds, but the emotional ones, the spiritual ones. Mary suffered a lot too, but she too was given a hope when 3 days later her son rose again and went to be with the Father to prepare a home for all of us!! And then send His Spirit to abide with us in the mean time!
I don’t know what she was thinking, but it’s nice to wonder.