In Christ, Victory Is Assured

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In Christ, victory is assured; why? Because He has already won it!

He has defeated the enemy, as well as death, hell and the grave. He tasted death for every man and disarmed principalities and powers, making a spectical of them, openly, in His triumphant resurrection.

Now, as a Christian, we get to pick up where He left off-and He left us in a pretty wonderful place! This is a place in the Spirit, a place of newness of Life, of peace, joy and confidence in His presence; a place of sonship and relationship with God….a place called DONE.

Jesus told His disciples to be of good cheer, even in tribulations-why? How is that possible? Jesus’s answer was, “For I have overcome the world!” When we are in Christ, we are in victory! He has already conquered everything we will ever face, in this world.
This life we live, in Christ, is a life of faith and so we must understand and believe the word of God.

Our mindset at the beginning of a battle, circumstance, or situation greatly affects the outcome. What I want us all to understand is that we began in victory! We fight from a place of victory, not towards it. Everything we will ever face has already been defeated by Jesus, and victory is His gift to us, just as salvation and healing is His free gift.

Too often, we have our focus on the problem. Too often, we have our focus on the situation, the enemy, the person, the issue, the battle. Too often we loose sight of who is in us, that He is for us and has already defeated what we’re facing.

We are overcomers! We are victorious, already! This is who we are, because that is who He is! Our place, our job, is to stand in His victory.
Hebrews 10:12,13 paints us an awesome picture. It says, “This man, after he had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down on the right hand of God: from henceforth expecting till His enemies be made His footstool.”
We are to continue in His stead upon the earth. Our lives are an extension of His life. Our ministry is an extension of His ministry. He has already fought and won, and now it is our job to stay and stand where He placed us to allow His victory to continue in and through us.

We must first allow His victory within us, as we overcome our selves, our own will, our negativity, passivity, carnality, and wrong beliefs. But in this, as well as in any other battle we come up against, we can be confident: that whatever it is we see-Greater is He who is in us! WE can draw upon His strength, His love, His majesty, and His supremacy in His victory and walk forward, knowing that it is already done!

Lisa Southwick
Media Ministry